Sunday, October 13, 2013

Choosing WordPress

I remember my dear colleagues laughed about the blog I posted on Multiply a few years back. It's about how I shared my story when I had to use the restroom one afternoon after my lunch break at work. I really can't remember the details but I remember posting something about it.

I've been using different platforms in terms of blogging. When I was starting, like a decade ago, I used Geocities and installed a Harry Potter theme because of my obsession to the book and the movie. Then I blog-hopped until I found some Filipino bloggers with their own paid web space and url. Instantly, I was inspired by their fluency in writing. Some also showcased their talent in photography. I wanted to have one!

The first Filipino blogger who accommodated my curiosity was Rick through his old blog He patiently answered my questions about photoblogging. Until I found myself buying a second-hand Japan-made video camera. I was a freshman in college then when I started posting photos on my now-lost Blogspot. But since we were only using a very slow dial-up internet connection, I lost my interest in photoblogging.

A few months had passed when I saw Robbie's blog, and he was looking for hostees for his project in MMA. I volunteered and he accepted me. He even assisted me in building a WordPress blog. That was my first experience in FTP. However, due to computer viruses that affected our desktop computer months after, I had stopped and just focused on my studies. became a hit when I started working. It can store blog posts, photos, music and videos. That's where I also gained online friends. I was just posting anything carelessly. It was my Twitter then.


Now, I'm managing three inactive platforms: Tumblr, where I post just anything like pictures from Instagram and stuff; Blogspot, where I exported my entries from Multiply, though I deleted most of the posts coz I think they're nonsense. LOL; and WordPress where I will start using as my main blog. isn't as flexible as Blogspot since you cannot personalize your template without shelling out money. But the platform is good. Besides, Blogspot's iOS app seems like disregarded by its developers.

I will also post pictures in VSCO and Flickr. I have to maximize the use of my Fuji X100S. I know that I don't write well so I'll just make the most of my amateur-ish photography beginner skills. LOL!