Saturday, August 04, 2012

Time To Change

We only live once. Why will you waste your time whining about the crappy service of your current network provider since we always have the freedom to choose?
Wait, this is not a paid advertisement (how I wish), nor I was invited during the launch in Rockwell. I am simply writing about my recent decision to join the biggest cellular network in the Philippines.

If you are following me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been actively tweeting @talk2Globe about my billing complaints and other network-related issues in the past months. I know dear followers, it’s irritating to see these from your timeline, but that is the only way I could receive a timely feedback compared to calling their hotline and waiting for at least 15 minutes before the next available representative assist me. But in all fairness to them, I received resolutions, especially to my billing disputes. However, it already became a cycle. It was tiring. Good thing, my postpaid plan’s lock-in period ended last May and I can freely do anything on my subscription.

Until recently, Smart Communications launched its new campaign, Time to Change with its latest offering, the Freedom Plan. It is a SIM-only plan where there is no monthly-service fee and no lock-in period. I could consider it as a hybrid of a prepaid and a postpaid line; the plan starts from Zero and you only pay what you consume every month, with a credit limit of Php600. If you only used Php1 for the entire month, then that is the only amount they will bill you. This is a perfect postpaid line for students, starters in the employment world, budget-conscious individuals and those subscribed to other networks who wish to try the Smart postpaid services. It is possible to increase your credit limit, which is subject for approval after submitting documents, such as a proof of income. You will be charged with the standard rates if you choose not to avail any of the Freedom bucket services. But I recommended you to take advantage of the buckets to make the most out of your subscription for a minimal amount. My recommended bucket is the Tri Net Combo 400, where you’ll get 500 minutes of Smart, Sun, Talk ‘n Text calls plus 2,000 SMS to all networks plus 150mb of mobile surfing! And according to Smart, they will include the BB Lite Social bucket soon.

But wait, there’s more! You can enjoy a 10% discount on your monthly bill for the first six months if you completely paid your previous month’s total bill that is not less than Php300.

I got mine in just 20 minutes, including the waiting time for my control number to be called at the Smart Wireless Center in Plaridel. I filled-out the application form, presented a valid ID and paid Php250 processing fee. After about an hour, my SIM was activated and I sent my first SMS and made a call.

What triggered me to subscribe to Smart was the unbelievable, eyebrow-raising re-contracting offer of Globe. Before I applied for a regular postpaid plan, I was under the Load Tipid Plan 500 for 2 years, plus another 2 years when they gave me a huge monthly rebate under their loyalty plan. But when I inquired about their loyalty offer for my regular postpaid plan, they only offered me an embarrassing Php142 monthly rebate. Is this for real after they earned nearly Php50,000 from me plus the numerous inconveniences I experienced from them? (I’m trying not to roll my eyes again while typing this. Hahaha!) Take note: I was a loyal subscriber for more than a decade. I’m wondering now how they can achieve their Company Vision: Happiest customers and employees. Values: Together, we make great things possible. Really?! Dear Globe (if you are reading this) it’s hard to give you up, seriously. But I don’t think I’m getting the value of what I’m paying for.

So far, I haven’t encountered any problem with Smart since I only subscribed to them last Monday and I’m very happy seeing full signal indicator bars on my phone! By the way, I have not tested their mobile internet yet because there is no 3G signal in where I live in Pulilan, but I’m already aware of that since last year. I just hope that they, at least, provide us a 3G coverage since they’re already rolling out the LTE Evolution. And I would also like to commend the Smart online specialists, Kimberly, Myka and Tob for being so friendly and helpful every time I have inquiries about the Freedom Plan! Good job guys, you deserve a raise! :))

I just hope that Smart is prepared for network congestion; my theory why Globe experiences this, aside from their network modernization program, is because they actively promoted the MySuperPlan and more people unresistingly gave in to this offer.

And lastly, in the event that Smart will find and read this blog post, I’d like to inform them that I can Live Even More if they will give me a free Samsung Galaxy S3. :D

As of this writing, I have already convinced 2 of my friends to Live More! Go figure. :)


Robbie said...

this sounds good. I'm currently using Smart Prepaid. I wanted to switch to a Globe Postpaid pero sobrang crappy ng naging application process ko before, I applied online tapos months before ako na-entertain. Like WTF.

I think if I'm gonna apply for a postpaid, I'll stick to Smart na.

And yeah, pansin ko lagi kang nagttweet ka sa Globe. Hahaha.

Bob said...

Hi Robbie!

Medyo mahirap kumuha ng postpaid line if you don't have an employer kasi they would consider your consistency in paying. Most of my friends na freelancer ganun yun problem.

And yeah, even celebrities, particularly those in the show business use Smart because of its coverage. Lalo na sa mga travelers and jet-setters like you. Haha!

My problem with Globe was primarily the billing disputes. Pagod na ko sa kakareklamo sa customer service. Plus the fact that I'm paying them for the basic services (calls and texts) pero crazy ang coverage, even in Makati where Ayala-owned companies are located.

Stick with Smart, you can live more! And I recommend the Freedom Plan coz you only need to provide a valid ID. It acts as prepaid too coz you only pay for what you use. No fixed monthly service-fees. :)