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Applying for an NBI Clearance

An NBI Clearance is one of the documents required by all employers to their newly-hired employees. If you have this piece of document, it means that you are free from any criminal liabilities in the Philippines. So, how to get an NBI Clearance? Acquiring one is easy, you'll just have to follow 4 simple steps, but it would require a person to have patience, perseverance and determination in applying for one.

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After researching, I found out that an NBI satellite office in Robinson's Otis is considered the best place to go to because you can get one in just 2 hours. Robinson's Otis is an unfamiliar mall to many because it is not located strategically in one of the main roads in Manila that is why fewer people apply for a clearance there so I didn't expect long lines compared to other NBI offices. This branch is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm. I am not sure if they're still open every Saturday though.

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Yesterday, I took the LRT from 5th Avenue to UN Avenue and paid Php15 for the ticket. Under the train station, you can find motored tricycles and they will ask you to pay Php10 for a ride going to the mall. The thing is, you need to wait for 5 other people to join the ride with you. But if you want, you can pay Php60 if you want to ride solo. I was hailing a cab but all of them had passengers inside so I have decided to ride the tricycle instead. Good thing there was one passenger already so I just paid Php50 and asked the driver to go ahead since I was in a hurry.

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After an approximate of 10 minutes, I arrived at the mall. There were only a few mall-goers inside so I thought that there were no long queues at the NBI satellite office at the second floor but I was wrong. There were about a hundred people before me filling-out a white sheet of paper, which serves as an application form, at an open space where the Sunday Mass is being held.

After about 40 minutes of waiting, a man started leading around 50 people to fall in line for payment. And he started distributing forms to us, newcomers. He said they only needed 49 applicants before the cut-off. I started filling-out the form and waited for another 60 minutes before he finally called another batch of 50. That was the time I got to sit in one of the chairs provided. After around 40 minutes (3:06pm), he then asked us (the last batch) to fall in line. The first step was payment. I waited for around 20 minutes standing before I got to pay Php115 fee for my clearance. 

After paying the fee, I joined the other people in line for the next step, which is encoding. There were only 2 encoders in the office so it took another hour before I got my details encoded on their system. Then another 10 minutes of falling in line for the third step which is image capture/biometrics. I handed my form and the receipt to the staff and he asked me to put one finger at a time on top of a small device connected to their computer for fingerprinting. No more messy ink, finally. Then he asked me to step in front of a white backdrop for image capture. You may smile, unlike in DFA. Then he handed me my receipt.

The last step was the releasing of the NBI Clearance. A staff will just call your name and will hand you the clearance. But in my case, for the second time around, my name has a hit and he asked me to come back on the date stamped at the back of my receipt, May 3. I was a bit disappointed because I believe I have a unique name but in the end, I just have to follow their process since it is for our good anyway. Maybe there's someone with the same first, but not the second name, and last name as mine. 
Katniss Prima Everdeen Melark (hit)
Katniss Everdeen Melark (with criminal records)
I also commend the staff of the NBI satellite office in Robinson's Otis. Based on my experience yesterday, they remained patient and accommodating after dealing with hundreds of applicants. I hope all government employees are like them since we, the taxpayers, are the ones paying for their salaries. And I hope that they will prioritize senior citizens. I saw an old man joined our queue along the way. I believe all of us would understand if they will ask him to go in front of the line anyway. Don't forget to bring a pen and a valid ID. In my case, they didn't really ask for comparison. I only needed it to copy the details of my passport.

Lastly, don't expect that it will still be a fast processing based on the blogs that you can find on the internet as those were the experiences of these bloggers last year. Nowadays, the NBI satellite office in Robinson's Otis is gaining popularity so more people will choose to go there than to start falling in line at 4 o'clock in the morning in other malls and offices. And there's only 6 NBI officers doing the processes versus 500 people everyday.

Additional tips:
Bring with you a music player or a book to survive boredom. 
Never bring kids. You may ask someone to go with you so if you want to go to the comfort room, s/he'll be able to reserve your slot since they do not provide control numbers.
Bring some snacks and a bottle of water.
Win a friend. Well this one is optional. Haha!
Always keep in mind, "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE"

For questions relating to payment fee, clearance location and other concerns, you may text 09175638053. The NBI Text Center will only reply to local numbers. For overseas, please include your email address.


g said...

you can also ride a bus beside SM Manila. it's just near the taxi bay and it will get you directly to robinsons otis. the fare is just 10 pesos

Bob said...

That's cool! Thanks for the share g!

Ayel said...

ang tagal naman dyan sa branch na yan! :) buti na lang dito sa Alabang medyo mabilis. As in konti lang tao.. :D I can't bear waiting for hours, tapos may hit pala. bwisit kaya un. :))

Bob said...

Surprisingly, when I went back to claim my clearance, there were less 100 people. I'm also impatient waiting for hours but I had to deal with the process. I hope the government could do something about it.

Fritz Utters said...

Hope this helps.

I did the e-clearance online registraion. Here's how I did it.

And here's how I completed my NBI clearance at the main office only in 29 minutes.

Jackson said...

I just couldn’t leave your website prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the usual info a person supply to your guests? Is gonna be back frequently to check up on new posts.

Bob said...

Thanks Jackson!