Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Am I As A Friend?

A friend of mine and I were exchanging text messages a while ago about his journey to something which I cannot reveal yet. I told him that I'll support him all the way.

Suddenly, a question popped into my mind... What kind of a friend am I? It is very difficult to answer. Then I remembered that I was given letters by some of my friends and I'm keeping it in a box...

You are one of the most important people in my life, and when I count my blessings, I always think of you. It is very rare to find a friend like you in these days and I definitely consider myself very lucky to have you. -Riah

Always remember that your G5 family is very proud of you. Thanks for always brightening up my day! -Jerome

You're one talented, smart, cute (?) (hehe) and thoughtful friend. -Louri

G5 is not the same without you. -Bea

We miss you here in G5 -Jhe

I love you, man. -Pat

You are worth it! Embrace yourself with who you are and what you can do. Everyone else will definitely follow. That's your magic! -Jap

Even if lagi mo ko inaaway, I still think that you are one of the nicest here sa office and you have such a big heart. -Furu

You are one of the most honest and genuine friend I've met in Makati. You never let issues around you affect your character and personality, and I admire you for that. -Faye

I will always be happy to have you not just an officemate, but a true friend. I am always comfortable talking to you regardless of whatever topic - be it personal or work-related. I know kase that you are someone I can trust. -Judy

Ano ba talaga ko sayo??? After 4 years na-realize ko na you mean so much to me!!! Always remember na lahat ng things na ginawa natin together eh never kong makakalimutan!!! -Bianx

We haven't spent a decade together, but the 4 years that I have known you have been nothing short of fun, exciting, tearful and heartfelt. You were my "constant" in CVG. -Diane

You're really a good person, it's rare to find someone who cares about others so much, even more than himself. It's a risky role to play, yo put yourself out there at the risk of getting hurt but it's admirable. -Zach

I'm grateful that our friendship happened. For whatever reason I don't know and don't really care anymore. -Allan

It really feels good to know that there are people trusting and loving you the way you are.


Ayel said...

awww ang cute naman, you've been keeping letters... you're a good friend bobby. you really are.. :) ^^

Bob said...

@Ayel, I know. Hahaha!
I actually received these letters when I participated in a retreat last June. It feels so good to know that I matter to some souls in this world. Naks!