Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun-filled Friday

I finally get to experience fun after spending 5 days at work. Yes, working for 12 hours a day is no fun for me. So right after 12 midnight, Friday (well, actualy it's a Saturday already), I went to see my former teammates at Kiraban, a new bar just a few steps away from Central 1 in Makati.

The place was nice and spacious compared to Central because there were only a few people drinking. Maybe because they only started their operations 2 weeks ago. I tried their drinks and it was not really leaving a mark. There were some talks about career plans and we were able to share our sentiments at work over bottles of beer and mixes of different drinks. But after drinking for 4 hours, I got drunk. As in I had a hard time managing walking straight and talking properly. Then we saw a kart selling street foods. I think I ate 3 squidballs and 4 bite-sized hotdogs. After eating, we have decided to stay at Bo's for some coffee.

We were able to fit the 6 of us inside a cab and we were laughing like hell on the way to Glorietta 5. When we arrived at Bo's they bought froccino to ease the dizziness, and I started listening to my iPod and sang songs loud enough for the people in the next table to hear. What a shame! We have decided to go home at around 6-ish in the morning. It was really a memorable night for us.

On my way home, I got to see my crush inside the bus. She also dropped-off in Pulilan. But I think she lives in Baliuag. ;)


Ed said...

Hi Bob. saya nyo ah. yep, i think we work for the same company. thanks for dropping by my blog. :D

Ayel said...

yo, you shouldve followed her! haha just kidding. the last time i remembered the same situation, parang 8 kami na girls sa car, plus my hubby, tapos sa market kami nagpunta, then parang pelikula ung paglabas namin ng car kasi nonstop. hahaha! :)

saya naman ng team niyo! i miss night outs like that! :)

Bob said...

@Ed I'm officially an ex-Con. Haha!

Bob said...

@Ayel Haha! Sobrang basag na ko sa antok e.