Friday, November 05, 2010

Blogging OMW to Makati

I'm on my way to the office now. Still having this weird pain. I hope it's just my glasses. Initially, the doctor gave me a drug for vertigo. After 3 days, I found out that it's all about my right eye that's causing the dizziness.

Tonight, we will attend the second calibration with OnStar operations. I hope that my fellow recruiters will understand why we're having this. And I hope they'll be more strict in hiring for the said program.

Lastly, I can't hide my excitement for the Naga jobfair next week. I was chosen to represent Makati Recruitment Team. I hope I could get quality hires. And of course to enjoy the trip coz it'll be my first time to go there. So far, the farthest place that I've been in the south is Puerto Galera. I really don't know the geographical location of both places but I know that Naga has the longest travel time compared to PG.

Btw, it's traffic again. What's new?!

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