Friday, October 29, 2010

Road to Fitness. The Finale.

Today I hit the gym for the last time. I won't be renewing my membership in the near future. I realized that I cannot commit to this activity due to long hours at work and not enough motivation. I also need more time to condition my mind not to be insecured with other gym-goers.

I am happy for my friend whom I influenced to go back to the gym. He is very persistent and persevering in achieving his goals. So far, after 8 sessions, little by little, he sees some improvements and he is liking the result.

Probably I can just use the Hip-Hop Abs program. It was intoduced by a friend, and with motivation and proper diet, her tummy area has improved.

After 2 sets of a 3-month membership, I can say that I failed. I did not achieve my goals. I did not go to the gym regularly. I did not manage to discipline myself with my nicotine-intake through yosi.

The lesson is never take anything for granted. Yes I have gym membership, but it requires a lot of discipline, tons of motivation and presence of mind. I should have focused on my Road to Fitness.

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