Sunday, November 04, 2007


I had a bad dream last night. And it goes...

I joined UK troops because at that time, UK and US were at war. We were recruiting people to join us. The order was to kill every American we saw. So everytime we see an American, we have to kill him right then and there. The bad thing was (well, good thing for me), I can't target because of my poor vision, so my bullets were nasasayang.

I was living on an apartment complex and there was a big, fat American in one of those apartments. In a group of four, I led them to the place of that American. That American was sleeping but we can't find a way to kill him. Accidentally, one of us made a noise which made the American to wake-up. He was trying to find us. Then, one of us pulled the trigger, plok! He had bullets no more. The American heard the plok and saw us. He fired his rifle and one of us got hit. The three of us ran as fast as we can.

The end.

Now I am wondering what does my dream mean?
Why are we naked? Yes, we are naked.
Who are the members of the troop?
Who was killed?
Why am I part of the UK troops?

Paging Joseph, the dreamer...

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